Influencer Kesari reveals why he didn’t beat Portable

Controversial influencer, Kesari Okala, has revealed why he did not beat up Nigerian singer and rapper, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable.

Kesari has broken his silence after an altercation with Portable, shedding light on why he refrained from engaging in a fight with the musician.



The incident occurred at the Computer Village in Lagos. A viral video showed a heated exchange between the duo, which nearly escalated to physical violence.

In a follow-up video on his page, Kesari explained that he consciously chose not to engage in a physical fight with Portable to avoid being labeled as a ‘hooligan’.

“Okay now Nigerians, if I had handled the guy for you, you’d have called me a hooligan. Who does that? This is pain,” he said.

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